What is Luv?  Baby dont hurt me
Adult content and age appropriateness

HgLuv does contain some adult themed areas, that are clearly marked as such. But we have a very diverse community that caters to a wide variety of interests and content ratings The vast majority of regions on our grid are rated PG or Mature, and suitable for most visitors. If you have HBO on your cable box, your kids are not going to see anything particularly innocence-shattering here.

Information gathered, and privacy

HgLuv does not gather any personal information, other than your email address, used for registration purposes. This will not be shared by us, to any third party. HgLuv does not gather credit card information, street addresses or any such information.

Can I just use Friendica and not do this strange 3D stuff?

Yes, but this service is tailored to, and intended for our virtual 3D community. As a standard Friendica or Federation node, you will not find it very interesting. Please choose another of the thousands of communities that best suit your needs. :)

If this sounds like a community that you would enjoy, you are most welcome to join!

By continuing this new user signup, you promise to be nice and NOT sue us for 20 million Euros. There. GDPR. woot!