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Creating Characters

Irel has come to life!
Willow one of the main story characters
Irel and Willow having a conversation

Today, in an effort to make my building look less rough, I decided to go back to the beginning and start adding details. The characters themselves deserved the most attention. Irel (aka Raven/the Woman Who Lives in the Swamps) and Willow, a central story character, now have a visual form. Created entirely in prims with the exception of Raven’s claws which first had life as an ornament in the Sky Castle. Doesn’t Raven look glorious!


Well it’s been quite a journey! After an absence of more than 6 years from any virtual, I was a bit nervous about coming back, but I landed in HGLuv and haven’t looked back since. Follow my journey from a blank region to a virtual visual novel and all the side-roads of wonderful creativity I find when I go travelling in this incredible place!